The goal of RPF Consultants is to transform people's lives through financial education.


With all the uncertainty in the world today, the stress of managing personal finances, is the #1cause of anxiety, relationship issues, and overall unhappiness. The time is now for you to take action and acquire the knowledge and essential money skills for you to gain control of your finances.

At RPF Consultants we have a proven 3 step system designed to help you achieve your personal financial goals, while also helping individuals overcome fears, anxiety, and uncertainty about their financial future. 

STEP 1 is setting a solid foundation by getting your personal finances in order.

STEP 2 is exploring your options of additional streams of income.

STEP 3 is helping you understand passive income, cash flow and asset acquisition, and how they fit most effectively into your financial goals. 

Save time and money by letting us help you create a unique plan to get you on the road to financial freedom.

Personal Financial Education

What is Personal Financial Education and why is it important?

The term personal finance means managing your money through earning, saving and investing. Financial education is important because without it most people live their whole life slaving for money, in debt, and never able to live a life that would bring them more happiness.